The Chase

Her head thrashed about from side to side, the scream stuck in her throat.  She tried to shout out for help but there was no sound.  The terror as she was being chased gripped her like cold hands around her neck.  The murky lake loomed ahead in the darkness as footsteps rushed pressing her on.  Twigs crunched beneath her feet and her breath fogged into the frosty night air.  She could see him closer now as his deep emerald ring glittered in the darkness.

Suddenly there was a hand on her arm and this time her scream was real.  A stranger sat in front of her on the train, deep concern in his eyes.  Bewildered she looked around and pushed his hand away.

“I’m sorry but you were having a nightmare it seems,” his gentle voice was hypnotic. “Take a deep breath, you are on the train and you are safe,” the stranger soothed.

Embarrassed she tried to gather herself together.  She smoothed down her dress and ran her fingers through her hair.  “I’m sorry,” her throat scratchy as if she had actually been screaming.  She looked nervously out the window as the landscape glided by.  Why was she so haunted by that same dream constantly?  The dream always ended at the chase but it was so vivid with the hunt and the emerald ring.

“We are almost at the last stop of the journey,” he quietly stated.  “Will you be okay?”

“Oh yes, I’m fine.  It was just a bad dream.”  She said loudly, trying to appear put together and still embarrassed before this stranger.  The announcement over the train PA system confirmed that they had arrived at the final station.  She gathered her belongings and hurried towards the door eager to get home.   She opened the door to the cabin and turned to say goodbye to the stranger.  She noticed a leather bound book besides him, it was worn and withered.  More shockingly her name was scrawled across the book.  Confused she rushed off the train with the man behind her.  She stepped off the train and froze as she found herself in the same woods as her nightmare.  She turned around and noticed the emerald ring on his hand as he silenced her scream.

Enraged with his mouth close to her ear he grunted, “We need to end the chase and write the ending to your story!”



8 smallI took this photograph from my balcony of the cruise ship I was on last week.

Here is the story!

Like a ghost she watched the ship go by from the inky depths of the silent ocean.

They can’t see her or hear her.

She was tired.  Her sight out of focus.

How she got there she could not remember.

But she missed her loved ones who were so far away.

She was lost in the utter darkness.

How could something so wide, deep and powerful be so tranquil in the dark of night?

Loneliness crept over her as she longed to be rescued, to go home.

Her wails pitiful.

She breathed in the fresh scent of the sea and drifted for a while letting the weight of her burden float away.

The cool water lapped against her tormented mind and the brilliant stars twinkled offering hope.

As the lights of the ship blurred away into the distance she was alone again.

But she would not despair as she clung to the memories.

They were suddenly there surrounding her, they came.

Her loved ones strong besides her holding her up as her tears united with the sea.

Overjoyed with hope she gave into the circle as they led her back.

With a triumphant splash of her tail she disappeared into the depths, she was going home.

Photo & Writing credit:

Creating Memories That Live.

Let me write your story!

When you close your eyes

IMG_2301Who are you?

Who do you come from?

What of your foremothers and your forefathers?

Do have her eyes?

Do you have his brow?

What little piece of her do you keep in your soul?

Was he cruel or was he kind?

Did she love him or love another?

Are you strong because of her?

Are you self-assured just like him?

Do your shadows of pain reflect her sadness?

Do you keep his smile around your lips?

What do you believe?

What will you pass on?

Will they think of you and wonder who you were?

Will they like that part of you?

What will they need of you?

Be now what you want them to be!

Photo Credit:  Doreensnewworld – Creating Memories That Live!

Let me write your story!

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The Master

IMG_3624Golden sunlight streamed through the window and warmed her.

Never growing tired of the view of gentle waves and cloudless sky.

Ocean breezes danced towards her carrying the fresh scent of the sea.

She loved this room.  It was all she ever knew.

Agonizingly she waited for him, her love.

Waiting for his shivering touch and his ardent gaze.

He had spoken such words of beauty and promises.

Alone with her he had been true.

Each stroke completed her.

Every sweet breath trembled in her hair.

Her heartbeat quickened at the sound of his footsteps.

He stood before her, his eyes searching her taking in every curve, line and wonder.

She was exactly what he imagined, what he needed, what he wanted.

Anticipation and longing glowed across his face.

And with a final soft sweep over the canvas she was perfected.


Photo Credit:  Doreensnewworld

Creating Memories That Live.

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I’m already gone!

I’m already gone…….

“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key” 

~ The Eagles

The key to freedom is ours, we hold it in our hands, in our hearts and in our minds.  All we have to do is turn the key and unlock all that binds us.

Freedom!  Just one simple turn to the right and that little click will let exhilarating bliss rush in.

The key is yours, why are you clenching it in the palm of your hand?  Nobody is forcing you to stay in that which makes you unhappy.  There is cheerful sunlight to feel, soft breezes to clear the haunted mind and cool waters to wash away the aching.

Outwardly I stare immobile watching the key but inwardly, I’m already gone!

Photo credit: Doreensnewworld



Tuyen – Vietnamese Angel



Mindfully she steps down from her ride into town.

Young and slender with perfect skin and hair in place.

Fresh and lovely in her finest dress.

Fragrant with sunshine and fresh blossoms.

So innocent and angelic her grace shines through.

Smooth hands ready to grasp the day.

She thinks of home where her family awaits.

Hungry and sad and dependant with shame.

She brushes her tired thoughts away seeing beyond the now.

Rough hands will soon be upon her while she braves the pain.

But she will not feel them as her eyes look beyond.

Her thoughts of love and pretty fences keep her duty bound.

She closes her eyes and dreams of peace.

Until tomorrow when she is free.


Photo Credit: Doreensnewworld – Creating Memories That Live

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Be Kind!

“Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones DSC00350because regret is stronger that gratitude” – Anne Frank

“I’ve been so busy!”

How many times do we hear that statement?  In this age of ease where we have all the comforts of life it is a poor excuse.

Back in the day clothes were hand washed and hung to dry and food was bought daily at the market to be cooked that evening.  If you lived on a farm, cows were milked, the land was tended to, vegetables were grown in the garden, and the chores were endless.  And yet people still had time in the evening to sit and re-count stories of the day.  Neighbours dropped by unannounced and everyone shared what they had with each other.

Why are we so busy today?  Why do we rush through time ignoring those who are in need?

There are a few things that I have learned over the last few months, to be positive and to help as many people as I can.  I can honestly say that by having this mindset of openness, positive things have come my way in wonderful connections and getting closer to my dreams.

What saddens me the most is people who are content to use that line….”I’ve been so busy” or worse yet the ones who don’t even respond when I reach out.  But that makes me want to give more and be even better in making myself available for those who I meet.

So let’s not make regret stronger than gratitude.  Let us be human beings and not wait for someone to die to bring them flowers.

Please take this message into 2018 and be kind!

“Let me write your story!”


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